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(SR Story)


Even to doctors, coma is a "black box." Everything  they  know about what occurs inside the mind of someone in a coma is still vague, based on observations from the outside, probing for signs of awareness. But... what´s really happening inside the mind of a comatose patient  that travels in that lonely, unknown land?


Along the centuries, all ages' men, women, children, and animals all around the world have tried to flee from me. I´m powerful and they've been afraid of me, begging me for some more time. In hospitals, schools, in little towns, big cities or woods. In peace times or in war days. Rich or poor people, little and weak, or big and powerful beasts. No one living creature in the entire world wants to meet me.  I have a lot of names and nicknames: Death. Mort . Muerte. Morte. The Grim Reaper. La Parca.

People from many cultures have celebrations in my honour in a useless attempt to get over their deepest fears. Sometimes people faces me bravely, other times, cowardly. At times the life can be so hard to stand that they seek me out, though this does not happen often, really. But I must  do my work anyway. Despite all the prayers, the magic rituals, the entreaties. I am what I am. And I can't help it. The universe has a strict order and set of rules. And I´m an indispensable part of it.

That morning, I was there, waiting for him. In the past,  we had faced each other more than once. I took some very beloved people from him . And, many times, I was very close to him as well, though he always managed to escape from me, but this time, he couldn't do it. He and I would meet there that morning. Any time. And he'd come with me.


In the operating room, doctors and nurses were working frantically over the seriously wounded man trying to stabilize him.

"We need more blood here, Nurse Peters!! Keep massaging his heart. Were losing him!!"

"I´m doing it, Doctor Kellerman."

Don´t fight any longer, David. Just come with me.

No. I´ll not come with you. Not yet.

You can´t do anything to fight against me. And you know it.

Hutch needs me. I cant do this to him.

Starsky´s heartbeats were weak and unsteady. His blood pressure was falling dangerously. As the nurse was massaging his heart, she looked down sympathetically at him saying, "Hang in there, boy. Don´t give up. You can do it."

Give up, David. You can´t do it. All your fight is useless this time.

No. I´ll stay here.

"Sweet Jesus!! He´s bleeding again!" Doctor Kellerman said. "We must  stop the bleeding. Help me here! Hurry up!" Tension was showing in all the nurses and doctors eyes.

"Can someboby tell me why its so cold in here?" asked Kellerman, feeling a cold shiver.


Hutch was in the waiting room, accompanied by Captain Dobey and Huggy. He spent  the last few hours  sitting down and rising again, pacing around the room, looking across the window, and praying. Praying and asking in a whisper,

"Hold on, Starsk. Please. Don´t leave me. Just hold on. Do it for me, partner!"

I´m here, Hutch. I´m trying to do it, but it´s hard, so hard...

Just for a second, Hutch felt a soothing warmth wrapping his entire body, until  it was quickly replaced by a cold shiver.

Stupid boys! Maybe you  don´t know who I am, and how big my power is? I overcame entire towns´ people centuries before your births. And now I´m here to take David with me!

Hours passed slowly. Almost eight, when finally Doctor Kellerman came from the operating room heading towards Hutch, Dobey, and Huggy.

After a brief and polite greeting, the doctor began to tell them  their friend´s condition.

"He has lost a lot of blood. The bullets shattered his body and did a lot of damage. And despite that, he´s still with us, though....Well, surely it´ll be just a matter of time. He´s in a coma and we think that he´ll not  make it through the night."

Hutch nervously removed  a lock of blond hair from his forehead. He was looking more hopeless then he ever did before. "But...there must be something that you can do to help him."

"We are doing as much as possible for him. And the surgeons that worked on David are some of the best doctors in the country, but his condition is critical, Detective. I´m afraid that there isnt much more to do from here on, just to watch over him and pray, I guess."

The doctor warned Hutch about what he would see, but all the warnings were useless when he entered the ICU room and saw his best friend´s unconscious body lying on the white bed. His body and face were almost covered by wires, tubes, and a respirator. Hutch legs melted and he sat down in a bedside chair, scared to look at Starsky. Scared of touching him...

"Starsky... Starsky, I´m here, buddy."

Say your Good byes to David, man. Your friend is coming with me.

No, Hutch. I wont do it. I´ll fight to stay with you.

"Starsky...Hold on, partner. I need you. I need you here, with me."

Ohh! What a moving scene. That friend of yours is really breaking my heart, David...Well, if your death is so painful to him, I can do something to help him.

No...Please. Don´t hurt Hutch...

How about a car crash...?Or the hospital elevator falling down from this floor...the 13th floor?...It would be a hell of a gooooood fall!

No!! Please! Hutch, no!!

Hutch saw a little jump in the heart monitor line, and frantically pushed  the call button.

"It´s okay, partner. Take it easy. Everything´s okay."

Doctor Kellerman came into the room checking once again the vital signs of Starsky, making sure that everything was going uneventfully before leaving the room.

The blonde one spent the whole night by his friend´s bedside, watching the heart monitor, his chest rising and falling with every breath, taking his hand and crying silently. Starsky was plunged into a deep coma, but in some way, Hutch knew that he was fighting.

"You can do it, partner. I know it...Don´t go...Hold on, Starsk."

Come on, David. Its time to go...

No. I´m not going anywhere.

You have seen me, David. You and I have looked at each other, and this means that your time is over. Nobody can look at me and  keep living. You haven´t any other choice.

Yes, I do. I have looked you straight in the eyes. But I´ll not go with you. Not yet. Because I have something that will hold me strongly to life and you can´t take me with you .

Thats funny. Thats really funny. Guess what? I'm enjoying this. I really am. Usually people are scared of me. Or, at times happy, by finding me at the end of a hard life... But you. You're so proud, and brave... But let me ask you,  what do you have that you are so sure that I can´t take you with me?

I got him. Hutch. His friendship. The same friendship that took me far from from  you other times, and that will do it again.

Ah, David! You know? You´re so amazing! I don´t get many chances to meet people as trustful and brave like you very often. So you´re thinking that your friend´s love will be able to save you from me?

I know it. It´ll do it...


After that first long night and to the doctors and nurses amazement, Starsky was still alive. In a coma, and in  very critical condition, but still alive.

Hutch wanted; in fact, he needed to keept being there, beside Starsky while there was still some hope, but he knew as well that some things needed to be done. He had to go out and  try to find who had done it. Who had tried to kill Starsky.

"Hey, Starsk. Now I have to leave for a while, but I´ll come back soon. Promise." Hutch rose from his chair, and after covering Starsky with another blanket, he headed towards the door, thinking  how much colder the room was getting. As if  Death was there.


Come on, David. Don´t be stubborn. Don't fight any more. It's useless.

No. It's not useless. I must stay. What will happen to Hutch if I go away?

He´ll  overcome it. Everybody can overcome  the other´s  death. You can be sure of this.. You did it after your father´s,and after Terry´s death? So, your friend will do the same thing... Do you want to know what will happen tomorrow?...Tomorrow your body will be in a wood coffin, in the cemetery, ready to be buried, while Hutch and your other friends and relatives will be there surrounding it, crying painfully, yet feeling relief because they are not in the coffin but you...Oh, what a beautiful image!...I can´t picture anything more moving than the funeral of a police officer killed in the line of duty. A true hero´s funeral...But, do you wanna  know what will happen if you stay here?

After some time, I´ll go back to the streets, being a cop, with Hutch again. And we will get old together, being friends as we are now.

Hahaha!!... A nurse, who at that moment came to the room to check Starsky, stretched her cardigan a little more tight around her body, feeling a sudden cold...

God! How cold it is! I must tell the maintenance boys...

Oh, David. Don't be naïve! That isnt what  will happen if you stay here. I´ll tell you what will really happen. You wont be a cop any more. You´ll be a crippled man the rest of your life. You´ll live in pain for many months, unable to get some real rest, dependant on a lot of medication, and suffering a hell of a recovery, sick to your stomach  most of the time, unable to eat more than a little  food, and the worst thing  unable to do anything by yourself. And your friend will sacrifice  his life  to be with you, to take care of you until he´ll be exhausted and he´ll get upset, mad and tired of being your nurse, baby sitter, and guardian angel...Is this what you want for him?...And for you?

NO! You´re lying to me! That is not what will happen!

You can bet your soul, damned stupid cop! That is just what will happen! And now, no more nonsense. Its time to go. COME WITH ME!!

Frozen fingers squeezing a warm heart strongly...A warm heart fighting to get free from the frozen and strong grasp...

Beep Beep Beep Beeeeeeeeeeeeep......

The nurse pushed the call button and began to do cardiac massage to Starsky´s chest. Some seconds later, Doctor Kellerman ran into the room. Meanwhile, Dobey and Huggy heard the code blue  call flooding the hospital floor.

Kellerman stood next to the bed and checked his vitals, looking for any signs of life.  Another nurse was carrying a crash cart into the room. In an instant, it was moved beside the bed. The first nurse was on the other side doing compressions. Dr. Kellerman picked up the paddles, placing it over the comatose man´s chest.

"CLEAR !" As the paddles touched Starsky´s chest, his body jolted upright and then fell flat on the bed. But the continuous monitor buzz was still inalterable.

"Once again. CLEAR!!...COME ON, DAVID! You can do it. DON´T GIVE UP, SON!!"


Hutch´s thoughts were lost somewhere. He was  daydreaming with the ping- pong ball in his hand while dialing the hospital number.

His blood froze to hear Dobey´s voice. "Hutch. You must get over here NOW!"


Your time here is over, boy. You´ll come with me sooner or later, so why are you  still fighting?

No. I cant do this to Hutch!

Starsk, partner. Dont go...Please. Don´t go this way... I´ll spend as much time with  you as you need. I´ll help you in everything. I´ll give all my strength to help you. My life will be your life. My health your health, and together well do it. Everything will be okay. But don´t go!!

Damn it, David. Already I´m tired of this game! Maybe you aren´t scared of me?

No. Hutch is coming. He´ll help me...Hutch? Hutch, friend. Hurry up. I  can´t stand it much longer. You won´t leave me alone, right? I don´t wanna be a burden to you, but without you, I´ll don´t be able to do it. I need you right now, and I´ll need you so much in the months to come. I´ll need every ounce of your strength. Can you do it for me?

Remember, David, if you stay here, your life will be a true hell and, soon, your friend will not be able to bear it, and he´ll leave you. And then, you´ll be alone. Totally alone.  Now is your chance to leave behind  the fear, the pain, the sadness.


Hutch was crossing the city, driving his car with lights,  siren, and in a devilish speed. His eyes were filled with tears. His heart was crying out...

Hold on, Starsk. I´m coming. We´re "Me and Thee," remember? You can´t go anywhere without me.


Once again Starsky´s body jumped and fall back onto the bed. Doctor Kellerman and the nurses held their breath for a second. Suddenly, a rhythmic line started going across the heart monitor.

Beep... Beep... Beep...

Alright. I can see when I´m losing the game. I give up. I must admit it. You´re an admirable rival, and you have a strong ally. You win, this time at least. It´s your choice. I´ll give you some more years. But remember. Soon, the day will come in which you´ll wish that you had come with me today. Oh! By the way, I guess that already you know it, but your friend, your White Knight is here.  So long, David.

"Okay, we got it," Doctor Kellerman said, placing the paddles again on the cart. Suddenly, a cold breeze waved  the window´s curtains a little. " Whats going on? Could somebody tell me  where  that draught is coming from? This man needs to keep warm. Maybe the heating is not working?"


Hutch stormed through the hospital floor doors, stopping sharply in front of Starsky´s room just when Kellerman was going out from it.

"He´s alive. In a coma, but still alive. This is some kind of miracle..."